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Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Dear friends and practitioners of the Go language,

A few months ago, I bought this domain, hoping to contribute to the Go community with my knowledge and skills. I did not want to make another tutorial site since there are many good ones out there. I instead wanted to focus on the community adoption aspect.

There is no doubt that Go has established a firm place in many businesses’ tech stacks when it comes to tooling and infrastructure. Yet, In my work, I still notice a high level of apprehension when it comes to betting one’s entire business operation on Go. Large enterprises would hardly move away from the JVM, and small ones would instead pick up a more dynamic environment like Ruby, Python, or PHP.

I’d love to see this site become a periodical featuring stories from teams heavily investing in Go. I hope that it will help others who are still in doubt.

Whether you are among the former or the latter group, I’d love to hear and hopefully tell your story. Please leave me a message, and don’t forget to subscribe for future updates.