About GoingWithGo

What is GoingWithGo?

GoingWithGo is a newsletter about the adoption of the Go programming language in real-life software projects. Unlike other newsletters and sites about Go, this one is not technical - instead, it focuses on the people and their experience. A large part of adopting a particular technology stack lies in building upon someone else's experience with it. That is the part that this newsletter is all about.

Who is GoingWithGo for?

  • Software developers and managers looking for convincing arguments that moving forward with Go is the right move.
  • Honestly, just about anyone enthusiastic enough to learn and work with the language.

Who is behind the project?

My name is Preslav. I am the creator and core maintainer behind the GoingWithGo project. For many years, I have worked as a software engineer within various industries. Currently, I work full-time on my software solutions and books.

You can read more about my motivation to create GoingWithGo in the very first post:

Hello, World!
Dear friends and practitioners of the Go language, A few months ago, I bought this domain, hoping to contribute to the Go communitywith my knowledge and skills. I did not want to make another tutorial site sincethere are many good ones out there. I instead wanted to focus on the communityadoptio…